'Star Wars' Trivia
Happy May 4th.
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Which iconic line has appeared in EVERY SWU film?
Legend has it George Lucas was inspired by what menu item when designing the Millennium Falcon?
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A Santa Barbara synth band took what name from Empire, that is a traditional occupation on the planet Eadu, where the climate dictates a lot of body hair?
What planets do we see Yoda physically step foot on throughout the films?
Marvel comics revealed that which iconic character tells Darth Vader of the existence of his son between the action of Episodes IV and V
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Portrayed by actor Peter Cushing, who orders the destruction of the planet Aldaraan?
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AT-AT is an acronym for what?
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What SWU monster crosses over to MCU and is seen as a trophy of Nick Fury?
Long before Disney purchased the SWU, what iconic character's sillhouette is seen in the background of Luke & Vader's showdown on Cloud City?
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Which other pop culture made a cameo in, 'The Phantom Menace?'
By the release chronology, name the first clone we encounter in a SWU film.
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In which three films do we see Jabba the Hut?
Lumpawaroo is the unseen child of which fan favorite?
With a nod in 'The Force Awakens,' what was Luke's original last name?
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Which is the only film that DOES NOT include the two droids, C-3PO and R2D2?
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