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In order to access AFF's Discord server, you must have purchased a 2021 film pass or badge and submit the following information.
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If you selected anything other than "searching for lodging options on Discord" then you confirm that you understand the need to have purchased at least a film pass for your account to be vetted to join AFF's Discord.
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AFF's Discord Server Community Rules & Terms
- Treat each other with respect.

- No harassment, bullying, or unnecessary malice towards others. Use of blatantly offensive language or general annoyance of other individuals (realized by too many complaints) will result in an immediate ban from this platform.

- No spam or excessive pinging. Spamming is not allowed. Don’t disrupt chat with large text blocks with no relevance. Excessive pinging of other users in chat is not allowed.

- While networking is encouraged, keep self-promotion to a minimum. The channels should be used for conversation.

- Don’t direct message Panelists or AFF Partners unless it is warranted through previous conversation in a channel. Panelists and AFF Partners may have direct messages turned off so if you message them and they don’t respond don’t take it personally.

- You understand that any travel or lodging accommodations found through the AFF Discord are unrelated to Austin Film Festival Inc., and thus, do not hold Austin Film Festival accountable for any external situations that arise as a result of finding such accommodations through the AFF Discord.

Breaking these rules may warrant a ban depending on the severity. AFF Staff and Moderators have the right to ban users from this server at any time without notice. Access to this Discord server is not included with the purchase of a 2021 badge and/or pass to the Festival, but rather, a free service provided by AFF to help facilitate registrant connection before and during the Festival. Staff also reserve the right to take action against a user for a violation that may not be explicitly stated in the rules if the majority of staff agree that action should be taken.

Finally, remember: this is the internet, please be responsible.
Please check the option below confirming you've read, understand, and agree to follow the Community Rules outlined above. *
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