Keystone Oaks Electronic Public Comment Submission
Public comments must be received by 11:59 pm the day prior to the Board Work Session or Business/Legislative Meeting to be included in the meeting minutes. Comments received after the deadline will be included at the next Board meeting.

Your name, borough of residence, and comment will appear in the meeting minutes. Anonymous public comment will not be accepted.

The Board has the right to reject any public comment that is lewd, obscene, abusive, or contains protected student or employee information. Board Policy 903-Public Participation At Board Meetings applies to all comments received.

Electronic comments submitted through this form will appear in their entirety in the official meeting minutes. The Board reserves the right to read aloud public comments in their entirety or to summarize comments at the public meeting.

If your comment exceeds the 200 word limit, you can email additional information to and to Please be sure to indicate whether your email is for public comment at the Board Meeting.
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