Eitz Chaim (Tree of Life) at Beth Shalom

The Eitz Chaim, or Tree of Life is a visual representation of Environmental Actions that the CBS and its members are currently taking. On the tree in the CBS lobby, you will find leaves with gold writing on them. You will see a small or large step we are taking as a community to protect our environment. The goal of this project is to get our members thinking about actions they can take in their own lives and get us talking to each other about ways of improving our consumption, transportation, travel, construction, etc. Ideally once the tree is full of action-leaves, if you want to replace your roof, or offset your plane travel, or change your diet, you can look at the tree and find a CBS member who can give you advice based on what they are currently doing. We hope that the Eitz Chaim will create a culture of celebrating and pursuing sustainable living.

Fill out the form below with environmental actions you and your family are taking, so leaves can be put up on the tree in the lobby on behalf of your efforts, and you can share your knowledge with the community. You can submit as many actions you would like- you are not limited to just one!

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