Game Industry Conference inclusiveness scholarship 2019
Thank you for your interest in our scholarship. We are sure that you understand that our resources are finite and, although we would like to help everyone, it is not possible. We are proud of the developers, who despite not being in the best situation are able to participate in our conference at their own expense.
All applications from people who are not able to do that, despite their willingness, will be carefully considered.
What is your experience in game developement? *
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What games did you work on? *
Please list them with name, short description, your contribution and a link to the gameplay movie. The quality of the movie will not be assessed, its sole purpose is to make the game clearly presented.
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What other conferences/expos/events did you visit? What did you achieve there? *
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What do you want to achieve on GIC? *
If the goals are related to a game project please specify that project as in previous question.
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Why you? *
This scholarship program is form of aid for developers who need help. Please explain shortly why it should be given to you.
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