INSPIRE OTHERS Workshop series on Collaboration
INSPIRE OTHERS Workshop series on Collaboration
7-9pm Tuesdays:

Session 1 April 7: Partnership 101 - Working better in the diverse environment. Focus on building better 1-on-1 collaborative relationships
Session 2 April 14: Organization partnerships - Focus on alliance building for common goals.
Session 3 April 21: For-Profit - Nonprofit partnerships: Going for win-win-win

How can we work better together better across borders, organizations and sectors? We all want to be more effective and enhance our impact but what is holding us back? This workshop series will review common issues and simple skills and action items we can take to be more effect right away. Each session will focus on a different area - working with individuals, organizations, and nonprofit-business collaboration. The case studies shared will serve as a basis for the themes we will cover. Participants will have ample opportunity to share their own ideas, experience as well as pose questions to the group.

2500yen per session or 6000yen for the series
(in English)
6 to 12 participants only, register by April 1
For more information please contact:

Details will be sent to everyone who registers at least a week before.

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