Ghana Slave Forts & Castles Photo and Video Investigation Survey
After looking at the photos and videos of the various slave forts and castles that Mr. Valenzuela visited in Ghana in 2011 (link: answer the questions below to complete your homework. Answers should be in COMPLETE SENTENCES, and should be at least 3-4 sentences each.
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Based on the photos and/or videos you observed on the website from Mr. V's trip to Ghana in 2011, how would you describe the overall condition of these forts and castles? What are some of the features you notices that many of the forts and castles have? *
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Most of these forts or castles are the biggest building in the town in which they are located. What do you think it would be like to live so close to these monuments of such a terrible history like the Transatlantic Slave Trade? *
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Keeping these forts maintained in the present can be expensive. Do you think having these forts and castles around are a benefit to the people in Ghana? Why or why not? *
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