Artists Stand with Residents Against Artwashing
Fiat Chrysler (FCA) and The City of Detroit (City Walls and Office of Arts, Culture and Entrepreneurship) are attempting to use murals and artists to artwash and cover up the destruction of a neighborhood on the Eastside by the expansion of the Mack Avenue Engine Complex.

We as artists and city residents act in solidarity with the neighbors living in the area being negatively impacted by the FCA project.

We refuse to participate in the mural project unless the city and FCA meet the neighbors' demands addressing damage to their health and homes.

We support art that is for and by the community, not weaponized against us.
We denounce this blatant act of masking injustice with murals, and using artists to validate state violence. The city continues to try and use artists to further displacement with one hand while with the other criminalizing artists, and repeatedly targeting and fining neighborhood and community art spaces.


Ashley Adams
'Jide Aje
Rev. Dan Aldridge
Taylor Aldridge
James Alexander
Imani Ma'at AnkhmenRa Amen
Natasha Anée
Ava Ansari
Noura Ballout
Daniel Bellefontaine
Olivia Beelby
Christy Bieber
Stephen Boyle
Amy Bullano
Juju C.
Cydney Camp
Eric T. Campbell
Emilee Cardin
Piper Carter
Halima Cassells
Morgan Cheatham
Saylem Celeste
Tasmine Clement
monét cooper
Mitch Cope
Ijania Cortez
Alphonso Cox
Vanessa Cronan
Lorena Cruz
Olayami Dabls
Cyrah Dardas
Roula David
Samskee deBourbon
Christina deRoos
Bryce Detroit
Peter DiGennaro
Jon Dones & Ash Nowak
Jacob Downs
Amelia E Duran
Bakpak Durden
Ken Dushane III
Rich Feldman
Reshounn “Sun” Foster
Benjamin Friedman
Kevin Furgerson
Mary Gagnon
Mia Gale
Bree Gant
Benjamin Gaydos
Valerie Glenn
Susannah Goodman
Olivia Guterson
Tyree Guyton
Jessica Guzman
dream hampton
Jasmine Harris
Gloria Aneb House
Sharon Howell
Erik Howard
Matthew Blake Hutfloetz
kim d. hunter
Ed Irmen
Marion Jackson
Sydney G. James
Miryam Johnson
Paul Johnson
Robert David Jones
Aku Kadogo
Liz Kennedy
Kyle Skeez Kentala
Blythe Kim
Carley Klott
Gabrielle Knox
Sacramento Knoxx
Miz Korona
Amber Krumm
Emily Kutil
Franchesca Lamarre
Kristin K. Lauritsch
Eno Laget
Cole Levy
Flip Lloyd
Desmond Love
Angela Lugo-Thomas
Stephanie Mae
Adam Malinowski
Nadine Marshall
Michelle Martinez
Miguel Maxon
Rebeca Maxon
Katie Grace McGowan
Shanna Merola
Sean Maxwell
Michael 23
Brianna Mims
Nate Mingo
Eban Morales
Chace Morris
Augusta Morrison
Ryan Myers-Johnson
Emilia Nawrocki
Gregg Newsome
Ria Noriega
Nic Notion
Geoffrey Nwogu
Kit Parks
Mx. Perez
Giselle Perez-Aguilar
Tawana Petty
Marsha Philpot
Wayne Ramocan
Jason Reed
Gina Reichert
Catalina Rios
Casey Rocheteau
Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe
Deekah Rox
Jen Rusciano
Juan Ruiz
Ellen Rutt
Catie Sandoval
Satori Shakoor
Danielle Shields
Deidre D.S.SENSE Smith
Joshua Smith
Emily Staugaitis
Soh Suzuki
Christine Szabo
Wes Taylor
Jenny Teed
Rachel Timlin
Sterling Toles
Gabriel Luke Totzke
Ian D. Tran
Vito Valdez
Nyasia Valdez
Kyla Valenti
George Vidas
Elizabeth Wahl
Allison AM Scout Waite
Paige PG Watkins
ill weaver
Blair West
Whitney White
Ryan Miguel Wright

Names will be updated daily.

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