School Farm Herb Shares
Welcome to the School Farm Herb Shares for 2019!

If you'd like to join the scheme for this year read on and fill in your details below.

There are two options for joining the herb shares this year.

1. The Gather-Together herb shares run from May to October. Members can gather on the 3rd Friday or Sunday of the month to harvest herbs and share recipes. The cost is a sliding of £7.50 - unwaged, £10 - low-waged or £15 - high-waged, per month depending on what you can afford. You can pay monthly or all upfront - £45, £60 or £90.
The dates are:
May: Friday 17th/ Sunday 19th
June: Friday 14th/ Sunday 16th
July: Friday 19th/ Sunday 21st
August: (4th Friday/ Sunday): Friday 24th/ Sunday 25th
September: Friday 20th/ Sunday 22nd
October: Friday 25th/ Sunday 27th

2. The Harvest-Basket herb shares run from June to November. Shares will be available on the first Tuesday of the month to tie in with veg pick up day, and can be collected from the farm or the Kitchen Table in Totnes. The cost is £15/ month or £90 for the full season, and can be paid monthly or upfront.
The dates are:
June: Tuesday 4th
July: Tuesday 2nd
August: Tuesday 6th
September: Tuesday 3rd
October: Tuesday 1st
November: Tuesday 5th

Please fill in your details below to join the scheme or contact with any questions.
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If you would like a Gather-Together share when would you usually like to come? (you can change from month to month, but it helps to have an idea)
If you would like the Harvest-Basket share, where would you like to collect from?
What do you like to use herbs for?
Do you have any allergies, food intolerances or dietary preferences?
What are some of your favorite herb blends or flavours?
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