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Conflict of Interest Statement
Because the National Youth Arts Awards Judges are very interested in theatre and often are professionally involved in the arts, it is important they be constantly aware of possible conflicts of interest.

Potential judges should not disqualify themselves from participation in related arts, arts organizations or in arts projects because of their involvement as a judge. Such experience makes for a more valued adjudicator.

But regardless of whether judges are associated with a specific group or arts organization, he/she is expected to serve as an unbiased National Youth Arts Award representative. Therefore, judges should be alert to avoid any action that could possibly be interpreted as influencing theatres to further their own interests or those of an organization, or artist with which they are affiliated or which they instruct. Therefore, judges should not evaluate any production at a theatre or organization with which they are currently affiliated as a paid or volunteer board member, instructor, staff member, designer, performer, artist, or employee; and should not evaluate any specific production for which they sought employment, either through application or audition, or in which members of their immediate family are involved.

Please list in the box below all theatres for which you should not judge due to a real or perceived conflict of interest as known at the time of your application:

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