2020-2021 Spelman College Health Careers Preceptor Participation Form
This form is requesting your information to serve as a future preceptor in offering shadowing opportunities to Spelman students. Given our response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are also pursuing virtual shadowing opportunities. We welcome ideas of how we can partner with you to offer virtual shadowing to our students.

There are two opportunities for you to partner with us in providing shadowing experiences for our students which are detailed below:

Practicum & Internship Course (Spring Semester Only)
This is a required course for Health Science majors to fulfill 45 shadowing hours in the Spring semester
(January - May).

Women in Science & Health (WISH) Shadowing Program (Throughout the year based on your availability)
WISH is a program offered to ALL Spelman students, regardless of major, who are registered with Health
Careers Program and are seeking shadowing opportunities. Hours fulfilled are based on your availability.
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