Religious Education Survey 2019-2020
We're committed to monitoring the quality of our Religious Education Program at First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City as part of an ongoing improvement process. As we move towards a church year that will most likely include online offerings and community, your feedback is more important than ever. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance and what you hope to see in the future. (All submissions are anonymous.)
How often did your family participate in the Religious Education program? *
Are you members or Friends of First Unitarian Church *
Does your family make a financial pledge to First Unitarian Church? *
Which grades did your family participate in? Please check all that apply. *
If you volunteered, how was your experience as a volunteer? *
I wish it had gone differently.
Other Comments on Volunteering
Please rate your children's engagement in the RE program when we were meeting in person. *
It's difficult to have them attend.
Excited to be in RE!
What would increase your child's engagement?
RE Staff *
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Understand the needs of my child.
Are responsive to my concerns.
Handle Problems Effectively
Does your family attend Family Fun Night?
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