Intake Consultation Form
NOTE-We are NOT an open admission shelter and are adoption guaranteed and are not always able to accept all animals into our shelter. Submitting this form does not guarantee that Animal Friends Alliance will be able to take your pet.

Please make sure you fill out the intake form completely. An intake counselor will contact you via email to discuss options and resources. Please respond to our intake counselor within 7 days to keep your application active. If we do not hear back from you within this time frame you will be removed from the list and need to fill out a new request to be re-considered.

*Please complete one form for each cat or litter of kittens.*

If you originally adopted your cat from Fort Collins Cat Rescue or Animal Friends alliance, you do not need to fill out this form. You may call the shelter's front desk at 970-484-8516 instead.
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Your Cat's Information
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If this is your cat, where did you originally get him/her?
If this cat is a stray, please describe the conditions in which the cat is living.
Please include availability of food and shelter.
How long have you had this cat?
If this cat is a stray, have you contacted Animal Control to file a stray report?
If you would like to know more information about filing a stray report, please check the last box.
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If this cat has a microchip, please enter the chip number:
Otherwise, please specify whether or not the cat has been scanned for a microchip.
For a litter of kittens, please list the number of kittens in the litter:
Do not count the mother cat. If there is a mother cat you would like to surrender with the kittens, please complete a separate form for her.
How old is the cat? Cat's over the age of 5 require current medical records. *
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What donation are you willing and able to make to help us care for this cat?
Animal Friends Alliance takes in cats and kittens from the public on a limited basis. Because we are a limited admission shelter we can only take in new cats and kittens as we adopt others out. Each new intake will be tested, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and treated for worms and fleas to ensure that they will be as healthy as possible before going to their new home. This costs us an average of $275 for each cat, and a donation from you will help us prepare the cat for adoption. (Intake decisions are never solely based on an owner’s ability or inability to make a donation at the time of relinquishment).
Your Cat's Behavior
Where does this cat live or spend most of his/her time? *
The cat is / kittens are: *
Has this cat been around children?
If yes, what were the ages of the children and this cat's response to them?
Has this cat been around other cats?
If yes, what was this cat's response to them?
Has this cat been around dogs?
If yes, what was this cat's response to them?
Does this cat use the litter box? *
Your Cat's Medical History
Is this cat sick or injured right now?
If yes, please describe the illness or injury.
If the cat is sick or injured right now, have you taken the cat to a veterinarian for this illness or injury?
If yes, please enter the name of the veterinarian/clinic and the results of the vet visit.
Does this cat have a regular veterinarian?
If so, please enter the name of the veterinarian/clinic.
How often does this cat see your veterinarian?
Has this cat received any of the following vaccinations?
Please check the boxes for any vaccines this cat has received AND is up-to-date on.
Has this cat been treated for any other medical conditions?
If yes, please list and explain
Is there anything else you would like us to know about this cat?
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