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Tell Us Your Story is a Task Force on Linguistic Policy program to help illustrate that Bill 96 is divisive, discriminatory and mean-spirited. If you or someone close to you has been negatively impacted or unjustly affected by this law, TELL US YOUR STORY! We will then publish or integrate these real life stories into our messaging, telling the world about Quebec's Bill 96. Stand Up and Speak Out! The more stories, the more we will be heard!!!
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(note:  someone is "eligible" if they have completed the majority of primary and/or secondary schooling in English in Canada.)

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Tell Us Your Story in approx. 300-400 words.   Include a brief description of yourself or the person impacted/affected, how you or they were impacted/affected and by whom .  You can also send supporting documents and pictures to info@thetaskforce.ca using your same email address noted above with MY STORY in the subject line. 

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