Giving Poetry Wings 2 : Call for applications
"Giving Poetry Wings” is a digital art exhibition which will showcase collaborative work between selected poets and digital artists. This will be a result of a hackathon hosted prior to the exhibition, with the aim of creating a space and opportunity for poets to have their work developed beyond paper/ spoken word, as well as for digital artists to create new themed work inspired by literature. You definitely would not want to miss out on how fascinating and beautiful poetry can soar through the augmented reality realm, when it’s given the wings and the opportunity to fly.

We are looking for 12 artists (6 poets/Spoken Word artists and 6 Digital artists/illustrators) who will be part of the second edition of Giving Poetry Wings this year. The workshop - hackathons will take place during this year's Creativate Digital Arts Festival once again in Makhanda (formerly known as Grahamstown).

24th to 27th of June 2019 - Hackathon / Workshops: [Morning & Afternoon sessions]
28th of June 2019 - Augmented Reality Art exhibition : Time to be confirmed
25th of May 2019 - DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS (@23h59)
Venue: Thomas Pringle Hall at the Monument

"Only successful applicants will be contacted no later than the 31st of May."
"Late applications will not be considered"

NB: Please note that we will not be able to provide accommodation for participants this year, so should you not be based in Makhanda, you will have to organise your own transport and accommodation should you get selected. Please take this into consideration before applying, to avoid any inconveniences. We are more than willing to assist you with information that will make planning your itinerary and accommodation as convenient as possible. It's imperative that you ensure you will be able to attend all the workshops as well as the official opening of the exhibition.

This year's program is not yet out, but you check out last year's program in the meantime to get an idea of what will take place this year:

For any inquiries, contact TK on 0822677867 (Call/Whatsapp) /
Check out The Radioactive Blog website : /
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