Contractor Agreement
Effective March 1, 2016 everyone is considered Independent Contractors.

You work for yourself!!!! Remember to keep all gas receipts, parking receipts, food receipts, attire receipts, and all receipts for services sent from TipTop Staffing. You can use them as tax write offs on your tax returns.

2. You are not consider an employee of TipTop Staffing. This is on-call, as needed.
You are not being considered for full time or part time work. As an Independent Contractor, there are no guaranteed assignment, hours, or days of work. All assignments are based on contractor availability. Assignments are offered to contractors and either accepted or declined.

3. No taxes will be withheld for your checks
TipTop Staffing will issue a 1099misc at the end of each year. We will not withhold Federal, State or local, Social security, FICA, or Unemployment taxes from contractor.

4. You will need Workers Comp
Since your not an employee of TipTop Staffing. You will have to provide your own Workers Comp. This is, in case you get hurt on the job. TipTop Staffing or Clients will not held accountable. Until you are covered and give us a policy number there will be a 6% coverage fee deducted from each check sent to you. The 6% covers you till then.*** you can write off the 6% on your tax returns or even your individual policy if you have it.
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