Tuning Into Kids 家長情緒教練培訓 (公開課)
2017 年 8 月/9 月班

哈佛大學客座教授丹尼爾.高曼(Daniel Goleman)在出版《EQ》一書時,提出EQ(情緒智商)的理論。EQ理論指出,成功的人生有賴於EQ的高低,更甚於IQ的高低。因為 EQ高的人能用建設性的態度去管理自己的情緒,不僅知己,也能知彼,永遠能夠吸引別人。研究顯示,高情緒智商人士平均年薪比低情緒智商(EQ)的同儕多28000美元或更多,贏得更多晉升機會及更高的績效評量。然而,家長如何可以提昇子女的EQ呢?

Tuning in to kids是墨爾本大學研究及編製教育子女課程,課程顯示有效提昇孩子的情緒智商。並能協助家長幫助孩子學習明白和處理他們的情緒,從而作出合理的行為表現,讓孩子學會處理問題的能力。
A 班:
8月12,19日,26日,9月2,9,16日 (下午 2:00-4:00)

B 班:
9月13日,20日,27日,10月4日,11日,25日 (上午9:30-11:30)


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屯門海榮路22號 屯門中央廣場 2117室

費用:$800元(Early Bird 5/8/2017 前)/ $1000元(5/8/2016 後)


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Tuning Into Kids (Emotion Coaching) Introduction
Tuning in to Kids is an evidence-based parenting program that focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children. In particular the program teaches parents skills in emotion coaching, which is to recognise, understand and respond to children’s emotions in an accepting, supportive way. This approach helps the child to understand and manage their emotions.

Tuning in to Kids was developed by Dr Sophie Havighurst and Ann Harley in Melbourne, Australia, and has been evaluated in multiple randomised controlled trials that have shown the program leads to positive outcomes including improving parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s emotional competence and behaviour. The program has been particularly effective with children with clinical-level emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The Tuning in to Kids parenting program is available throughout Australia and a number of other countries. (http://www.tuningintokids.org.au/)
Research Evidence
We have undertaken a number of studies to evaluate the evidence for the Tuning in to Kids™ (TIK) program. Evaluations of Tuning in to Teens™, Tuning in to Toddlers™, and Dads Tuning in to Kids™ have been conducted – with larger randomised controlled studies of these three programs currently underway. We have conducted evaluations of the program with parents of anxious children and parents of children with chronic illness using a one to one delivery. A pilot study of TIK delivered in groups for parents/carers of children who have experienced complex trauma has also been conducted through the Australian Childhood Fo undation.

Details of all of these studies can be found:
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