Application form for the Ralph Morton Memorial Fund Scholarships for SydneyinSpires 2019
RSCM Australia's Ralph Morton Memorial Fund is providing scholarships to attend RSCM NSW's fabulous SydneyinSpires festival, taking place from 6 - 14 July 2019. Information on the festival itself can be found at
What does the scholarship grant me?
A scholarship from the Ralph Morton Memorial Fund (RMMF) will provide for the successful applicant the full course fee to participate in SydneyinSpires, as well as a contribution towards flights and accommodation where these are applicable.
Who can apply for the scholarship
Eligible applicants will generally be full-time students or under-employed people under 30 years of age and based in Australia. They would also be a regular member of a church choir or vocal ensemble in a church, or regularly playing organ in church. If the applicant's church is a not a member of RSCM, they would be expected to show support of the applicant by taking up membership at least for one year.

Applicants must provide a report on their experiences at SydneyinSpires at its conclusion for use in RSCM Publications. Further, the applicant must report on their continued active involvement in church music 12 months after SydneyinSpires.

If you're happy with these conditions, please click "next" to fill in our scholarship application form.

1. Contact Information
RSCM respects your privacy, and will ensure that your information remains confidential, and used only for RSCM's purposes.
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2. Your Involvement in church music
Please indicate your involvement with church music. Please include all relevant organisation names, and the nature of your involvement (eg. singing in the choir) *
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Are the organisations listed above members of RSCM? *
Tell us about your first experience with church music. Was it at school? At Church? What impact did this experience have on you? *
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Please list the names and contact details of at least one reference who can speak to your experiences in church music.
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3. At SydneyinSpires
Should you be successful in attaining a scholarship, please indicate your answers to the following questions so we can adequately prepare for your participation.
Which general stream are you interested in? *
What's your voice part? *
Do you require a contribution towards accommodation? *
You may be Sydney based, and not require accommodation. Alternatively, you may have family or friends who you could stay with during SydneyinSpires. With these avenues exhausted, please indicate whether your participation is contingent upon receiving a contribution towards accommodation.
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