Instructor Evaluation Form--Groundschool Instruction
Please fill out this questionnaire with respect to the most recent Groundschool you have received. The goal is to provide Instructors with feedback related to their teaching effectiveness.

Revision 15-2

Sheldon Hemingway
1) Date of Evaluation:
2) What Groundschool Section are you evaluating?
3) Overall, the Instructor was successful in teaching the material that was presented.
4) The Instructor has strong knowledge of the subject material.
5) The Instructor's use of the white boards was effective and efficient.
6) The Instructor was successful in summarizing the main points of the lesson.
7) The Instructor responded adequately to questions raised by students.
8) The Instructor demonstrated understanding of the students' level of comprehension.
9) The Instructor was successful in relating the practical application of the material to flying.
10) The Instructor demonstrated patience.
11) After the class, the Instructor assigned comprehensive home-study material for the next class.
Please take the time to make and general comments or suggestions:
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In your view, how could this Instructor improve their groundschool instruction?
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