BoardSailor Survey
The San Francisco Boardsailing Association (SFBA) and the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail (Water Trail) Program are working on a Bay Area Boardsailing Plan to protect and improve kiteboarding and windsurfing locations around the bay. The focus of this planning is for sites on San Francisco Bay, so does not include locations along the Pacific coast, Tomales Bay, or the Sacramento River. The plan is not intended to publicize lesser-known spots, but rather to just document access to these spots so that access can be preserved.
Your input is needed. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below.
1. Which type of boardsailing do you do?
2. How long have you been boardsailing (Kiting or Windsurfing)
3. Which best characterizes your boardsailing capability?
4. How often do you kite and/or windsurf during the season?
5. Check all the locations/sites that you kite and/or windsurf
6. Why do you use the locations selected above?
7. If you could make improvements to launch sites, what would they be? Please include the site name and improvements you would make (such as longer parking hours, improved access to the beach, removal of hazards, etc.)
Your answer
8. What resources do you use to plan before deciding when/where to go kiting/windsurfing?
9. What County do you live in?
10. Would you like to stay informed about access issues and site improvement planning through SFBA? If so, please provide your email.
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