Request a ZOOM meeting
Our shelter is adapting with the crisis and is offering HUMANE EDUCATION through zoom meetings.
Please let us know what you are teaching and we can come up with a humane education Zoom class that compliments what your students are currently studying.

Once we receive your request, we will email you to confirm your dates and give you the information you need for the zoom meeting to pass along to your students or organization members.
Name of school or organization
Name of contact person
Contact persons email address
Contact persons cell phone
Please give us all the possible dates AND times you would like to hold this zoom meeting
Teachers, Please give us a description of what you are currently teaching so that we can customize a class that will compliment what your students have been learning.
Shelters, Please give us a topic or description of something you or your staff would be interested in.
If the viewers are children, what are the ages?
How many viewers should we expect?
Do you have questions for us?
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