Nominate yourself as an anonymous speaker on 'Sincerely, X' from TED and Audible
Sincerely, X is a new audio series from TED and Audible that allows great ideas to be shared with the world, but with a twist. Rather than giving talks under the bright lights of the TED stage, Sincerely, X speakers are anonymous. Why anonymous?  

Well, we’ve wondered what if the very spotlight that until now has defined the TED Talk experience may actually be the reason some people choose not to share their ideas?  By creating this series as audio-only we can do something that is quite special. A voice disconnected from visual identity provides anonymity to the speaker — while at the same time, letting their ideas reach millions of people.

And so, Sincerely, X is TED’s home for ideas that are freed from the entanglements of stage fright, family secrets and reputation. It’s a platform to spread ideas that have emerged from stories kept secret, but without sacrificing the privacy of the speakers or those close to them.

The talks on Sincerely X will be as rigorous, credible, ethical and truthful as those delivered on the TED stage. Speakers will go through the same preparation process as our conference speakers, while maintaining their privacy throughout. We’ve chosen to partner with the Audible Originals team knowing that they will help us create the highest-quality, most inspired listening experience possible.

Do you have an idea too important to stay secret? We want to hear about it.

Please complete the form below for your talk to be considered for Sincerely, X.

Thank you!

Chris Anderson
TED Curator
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