Incoming PhD Students Funding Survey
Thanks for helping with our effort to understand how funding is distributed among incoming PhD students. All questions are optional. Your responses will be kept confidential unless you authorize otherwise.
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If none of the options under the previous question pertains to you, or you have secured other sources of funding, please specify what amounts, for what years, and from which sources or work titles (Other fellowships, Grad Assistant A/B/C/D, Non-Teaching Adjunct, Adjunct Lecturer, etc.)
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Does the funding you received match the kind of funding that was promised or implied during your application?
If no, how does it differ?
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How satisfied are you with the funding you have received?
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From what institutions did you receive your Bachelor's, and if applicable, any other of your post-graduate degree(s)?
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Use this space to share additional stories about your experience with funding. Please indicate which part(s) you are okay with publicizing in the campaign for fair & equal funding. Your comments will be kept confidential unless you authorize otherwise.
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Please check below to hear more about the Graduate Center campaign for full & fair funding for all!
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