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WSC 2015-2016 | Scholar's Show Sign Up
The Scholar's Show is an optional talent show that takes place at the World Scholar's Cup. Whether you are a singer, dancer, or 500 digit of Pi-reciter, we would love for you to share your talent with the WSC community.
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Your School
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At which tournament would you like to perform?
Please note that more rounds are being announced soon!
How many people are there in your performance group?
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Have you performed at a Scholar's Show before?
Please describe your performance.
Are you singing? Dancing? Playing an instrument? Reciting 300 digits of Pi?
If you are singing, dancing or playing an instrument - please let us know which song/piece you will be performing.
If you are not singing/dancing/playing an instrument, please type "N/A" below.
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Estimated length of performance
Please keep your act under 4 minutes!
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What do you require for your performance? A table? Music playing in the background? Pwaainted Warrior?
**Important: we can not guarantee any musical instruments (or live alpacas), please make sure to bring your own!
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Upload Files Here!
If digital files are required for your performance, upload it to **How to name your file: Round Name_Your Name_Your Performance. For example: Jakarta_John Smith_Thrift Shop**
I understand that by signing up and/or uploading a video, I am not guaranteed a spot in the Scholar's Show
WSC will do its absolute best to accommodate everyone, but we won't have time to see all of our talented scholars. Thanks for understanding!
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