TISA Music Academy 2018 - 2019
Welcome to the TISA Music Academy!

Students at TISA have the special opportunity to learn a musical instrument from dedicated and professional music teachers, and to become a part of our growing instrumental music program.

Why learn an instrument?
Learning to play and enjoy music builds confidence and develops social skills. Your child will be developing the time management skills and dedication needed to coordinate home practice, lessons, and band rehearsals; will be playing with others; will be developing fine-motor skills and spatial awareness. Most importantly, they will learn something they may come to enjoy for a lifetime.

We have a number of teachers, for a range of instruments, coming to school each afternoon. Lessons will be arranged between 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm in the Primary School (Tuesdays from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm) and 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm in the Secondary School Monday - Friday and on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Your child will be given a weekly lesson time. Most lessons will be 30 minutes, but 60 minute lessons will be available on request. Lessons cost 25 AZN for 30 minutes (or 50 AZN for 60 minutes).

For more information about program details, please see below or contact

Etibar Hasanov
Technician and Teaching Assistant in Performing Arts

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Program Details
Students will be given a 30 minute lesson, once a week. Each lesson will be billed at 25AZN.
Lesson payments are to be made directly to the teacher. All lessons are to be paid in advance. At their first lesson, students will be given an invoice.

Pair Lessons
Two students learning the same instrument may decide to take pair lessons. In this case, each student will pay 20AZN per half hour lesson. Please note that the Academy will not be organising pair lessons, it is up to students and parents to find a suitable partner.

Student and Teacher Absences
When a student begins lessons, the parent will be given contact details of the tutor. If a student is absent from school, or cannot attend lessons for any reason, parents must contact tutor directly by 9am on the day of the lesson.

Informed absences
If a student cannot attend a lesson, and has informed you in advance, this lesson can be rearranged for another day. However, if it falls out of your regular teaching schedule, you must inform Etibar Hasanov by 12pm on the day of the class, who will investigate the availability of the practice rooms.

Uninformed absences
If a student does not contact you in time, and does not attend a lesson, the student will still be billed for this lesson. Please contact the parents within 24 hours to inform that their child has missed a lesson. This can be done by email. Please also copy into this correspondence.

Teacher absences
If you cannot attend a lesson for any reason, please contact all your students’ parents directly to inform them. Also contact Etibar by telephone, by 12pm at the latest. In this case, you must offer an alternative time/day to teach the student.

TISA has a number of instruments available for students to borrow, free of charge. These will be available on a first-come basis for a duration of up to one year. After this first year, we ask students to purchase their own instruments.
Students are responsible for taking appropriate care for their instruments, for bringing them to school each week for lessons, and will be responsible for any repairs or loss.

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