Program Application
Thank you for your interest in joining our on-air team. The following application is for our specialty program time slots.

To allow our programming committee to understand your show and to assign you an appropriate time slot, we require a basic outline of the type of program you wish to present and what your show will focus on e.g. comedy, news and current affairs or infotainment and what the intended name of your show will be.

Also explain to us the type of content to be included in your program, perhaps you will have competitions, conduct interviews or have a live artist come in and perform.

How many presenters will be involved with your program? Will you be working solo or are there to be other co-hosts involved.

Will your show have any community or listener interaction? If so, how will you involve them?
Preparation is key to presenting a good program - explain to us the sort of preparation involved with your show and how you will build the content.

Generally we do not condone offensive material on air however if your show will contain such content, please explain the rating classification of your program and if it may contain offensive material being it music with offensive lyrics or pre-recorded segments that contain offensive material.

Being that we use computer automation for content play out and schedule all music and sponsorships, consider whether you will be playing your own music or using our pre-scheduled content, if using your own music what will the format of music content be? E.g. Metal, Dance, Pop, World etc.

Lastly, we have provided a show break down grid to allow our programming committee to better understand the format of your program. Use this to better explain how you intend to format your show on a per break basis, e.g. break one might be an introduction, break to might be an interview, break three may have general conversation and so on.

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