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How Often are PSAs Announced?
- KWMR reserves the right to determine which PSAs will be selected for broadcast.
- PSAs are read at the discretion of KWMR’s volunteer programmers, when time is available.
- PSAs are brief—only 30 seconds in length. They are kept in rotation for no more than two weeks.
What Information is Required?
- What is the event
- Where is the location, including town
- When is the day and time
- Who is the sponsoring organization and/or beneficiary
- Contact information for the event
What Information Can't We Include?
PSAs must adhere to FCC and IRS guidelines.

- No inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease.
- No price information, like “free,” “sale,” or “discount.” If an event is free, you can say “open to the public.” If an event is ticketed, you can say where tickets are available.
- No comparative/qualitative language, like “the best in our area,” or “the most popular…”
- No calls to action, such as “be sure to attend” or “hurry in today.”

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