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How Often are PSAs Announced?
- KWMR reserves the right to determine which PSAs will be selected for broadcast.
- PSAs are read at the discretion of KWMR’s volunteer programmers, when time is available.
- PSAs are brief—only 30 seconds in length. 50-60 words. They are kept in rotation for no more than two weeks.
What Information is Required?
- What is the event
- Where is the location, including town
- When is the day and time
- Who is the sponsoring organization and/or beneficiary
- Contact information for the event
What Information Can't We Include?
KWMR's PSA Policy:

- No inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease.
- No comparative/qualitative language, like “the best in our area,” or “the most popular…”
- No calls to action, such as “be sure to attend” or “hurry in today.”

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