Masterclass on Augmented & Virtual Reality
In the Twenty-First century Augment reality and Virtual Reality are the most wanted and popular technologies and these have a great future.
Augmented Reality is a technology that can be called an enhanced version of the real world. Augmented Reality will add a layer by using a computer on what you see in reality. And then that combination of real and virtual will create a new feeling, the experience of seeing everything from a different perspective. On the other hand Virtual Reality was at the top of the list of technologies that have received a lot of response in the world over the past couple of years. Virtual reality will take the user to a completely different world, which is created through computer simulation. It could be a special place in a real world, or it could be a Jurassic Earth in a fictional world, or a planet other than Earth. It will not match your actual position.

AR technology can change our future. In all sectors like medical, education, communication, security, conferences, designing, entertainment these technologies are in great demand. According to experts, AR and VR can take the place of all other technologies. At the same time, it can open the door to endless possibilities for us.Big companies like Google,Facebook,Microsoft have started investing in these sectors.May be in near future these technologies will be our constant companions.
Because of so much demand Interactive Cares are here with our new ‘Masterclass on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality’. From this masterclass you will learn what VR and AR actually are, how they work, what the future of these technologies and how popular they are. In a word you will get to know all the basic ideas of these technologies.
And guess who will be the instructor. None other than our very best Shafin Rahman Shimanto.He is the Founder and CEO at NextCrop.He is working as Chief of staff at Exploit and ConnecTeen. He is also the Co-Founder of ConnecTeen and Country Representative at Asia-Europe Foundation-ASEF.

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Date: 5th February
Time: 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Platform: Zoom
Registration Fee: FREE

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