"Letter to my..." Participant Call

My name is Atiyah Sylver and I am currently an intern at the beloved Greensboro Project Space. I have been granted the opportunity to curate a showcase that will allow me to not only exhibit my work but to share a perspective on a phenomenon that affects me deeply.

"Mental health is a topic that has encouraged a lot of dialogue as of late in the academic world. I believe it is imperative to continue to add to the conversation by creatively sharing the thoughts and imagery of those who experience issues/cope with mental health in the Greater Greensboro Area. So when writing your letter, poem, song, diary entry, or what have you...Please be reflective, mindful, and transparent or opaque as you want to be..."

All letter submissions are due April 19th by 11:59, April 20th by 12PM the latest. The exhibit will be displayed from April 29th-May 1st. Artwork must be submitted to me through email by the 15th of April. The physical artwork should be brought to Greensboro project space by April 17th or the 19th between 11-3PM.

This is a not for profit showcase; no profit will be made by any party involved. By filling out and submitting this google form, you agree to have your letter showcased anonymously at Greensboro Project Space(feel free to submit with an alias). If you are willing to showcase any artwork, please follow the instructions in Section 3.

Thank You so much for your participation!

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