Tora-Con 2020 Panel and Meetup Registration
If you wish to submit more than one panel or meetup, you must fill out a form for each.
Panel Rules and Guidelines
Tora-Con is a family-friendly convention centered around anime and anime culture. While we do not have many specific restrictions on panel and meetup content, there are several things we are looking for in our selection of panels.

All panelists must be registered Tora-Con attendees to run a panel. Please purchase your badge prior to applying.

Though Tora-Con is, first and foremost, an anime convention, we believe other aspects of “geek culture” are important to the convention and the community, so there is no requirement that your panel be about anime or manga.

As Tora-Con is a family-friendly event, all content (except 18+ events) should be kept to a “PG” level.

18+ panels/events are a valuable part of our community but are restricted to evening on Saturday except for special circumstances.

No disrespectful content is allowed in any panel.

Depending on the topic/relevance of the discussion panel, you may only be allowed 1 hour.

Panels will be scheduled in increments of 1 hour for scheduling purposes, but the panelist can end early if they so choose.

As panels are often time-restricted, all panelists are expected to show up for the panel on time and complete it within the time allotted.

Submitting a panel does not guarantee that your panel will be accepted, and your panel may be rejected by Tora-Con staff for any reason at any time.

Information gathered from accepted panels may be edited for the use in the Tora-Con Con-Book, the Official Tora-Con App, and the Tora-Con Website.

It is highly recommended to practice your panel beforehand! Doing a dry run of your panel will help you identify potential problem areas.

Please make sure all in-depth and con-book descriptions are easy to read and are free of grammatical errors.

In-depth descriptions should be able to provide us with enough information about your panel that we should be able to know how your panel is going to run without audit.

--All panels must be submitted on or before Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).
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