Open Alpha Spring 2021 Application
We're looking to accept 6-12 new members who will join some of our old members to form our 3rd cohort ever!
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As a member of Open Alpha, you'll bring your own talent and vision to a fun game in an exciting and fast-paced development environment. And best of all, you'll join the tight-knit Open Alpha family and partake in awesome community events throughout the semester. Sound good?
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What aspect(s) of game development are you most interested in working on? *
Pick up to 2. If you only want to pick 1, we’ll count it as double. Don’t feel pressured to select 'game design' just because you’ve heard Open Alpha is a "game design club" — game design is just one part of a whole development process. Also, no guarantee that the game we end up working on will have narrative at all, so PLEASE make sure you're okay with that.
If you would like, drop us link(s) to something interesting!
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Other involvements are great! We want a group of people with diverse interests. Also consider academic load if it is relevant.
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That's our general meeting time. We'll still consider your application if you can't make it.
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Always nice to see a familiar face!
*Last Question* FUN FACT!!!
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Thanks for applying! Please read up on our FAQ on our website!
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