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The Collective Success Network is building a platform in Philadelphia for professionals and companies to support and mentor college students who may also be the first generation in their family to attend college to achieve their academic and career aspirations.  

This initiative is a collaboration between professionals and students building and leading campus chapters at Drexel University (Dragons First), Temple University (Temple First), and the University of Pennsylvania (Collective Success @ Penn).  

Regardless of whether there is a campus chapter at your university, you can still participate in Collective Success Intercollegiate Programs.

Joining this network will give you access to a social support network of diverse caring professionals who have relevant life experience to help you navigate the path forward. Many of the professional volunteers were once lower-income, first-generation college students.

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Our four main Intercollegiate Programs are:
1. Group Mentorship Program (must be in Philadelphia) - Pods will consist of 2 professionals and 3-4 students and will meet for 5 sessions (after work) over 10 weeks during (each pod works out their own meeting schedule). Sessions will either be hosted at the companies office or held near the campuses of Drexel, Penn and Temple.

2. Career Guidance Program - Students are matched with a seasoned professional in their desired industry who will review and provide personalized feedback on their cover letter and resume, and help coach and prepare students for interviews.  

3. Company Visits (to corporations in the Philadelphia area) Program - We will bring a a group of 15-20 students to a visit companies in their desired field so students can gain exposure to the industry, explore the fit, and build their network.

4. Learning Events (Expert-led Workshops, Panel Discussions and Talks) - the purpose is to equip students with the understanding, skills and competencies essential to recruiting and building a successful career.

In addition we will plan social events like meet and greets for students and professionals to mingle and an end of year celebration.
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