Get More in 2024!
Bargaining for our next contract will begin in January 2024. 

We know we deserve more.

Today we want to hear about what you want and deserve in your specific area of work. 
Below, we ask you to identify 3 things you would change about your working conditions. 

This year we will go through a process of identifying problems with our working conditions and coming up with a bargaining platform to address those problems. Our goal is to engage in a democratic process that results in a platform we are all excited to win - both for ourselves and our students.

Finally, you may remember that back in 2021 we began to develop contract proposals using a bargaining survey and subcommittees. Those 2021 proposals will be incorporated into our preparations for 2024. If you'd like to review what was developed by you and your colleagues back in 2021, there are links to summaries for each bargaining unit below.

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What department do you work in?
If you could change three things about your working conditions, what would they be?
What ideas do you have for solving the problems you identified above? 
If you could change three things about your compensation, what would they be? Feel free to comment on any aspect of your pay, medical benefits, retirement benefits, or anything else related to how you are compensated for your work at the College.
What are three things we could do to improve the student experience, both inside and outside the classroom, at CCP? 
If you were to become the next President of CCP,  what are the first three changes you would make?
Is there anything else you would like the bargaining teams to consider?
Which unit are you a member of? *
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