TeachTech 2021 Interest Form
Join us for the fourth annual Code Haven TeachTech conference in late January / early February to learn how to integrate coding and computer science in your classroom!

TeachTech is Code Haven's conference for teachers interested in incorporating computer science curriculum into their classrooms. We will be teaching computer science fundamentals and showing how we've demonstrated concepts to students in a fun and engaging way.

*** Tentative Events ***

> Introduction to Code Haven
> Opening Keynote
> Coding Fundamentals
> Workshops
> Q & A Panel of CS Educators
> Closing Keynote

*** Potential Workshops ***
> Unplugged activities
> Scratch
> MIT App Inventor
> Coding/Tech Education Resources
> Interdisciplinary CS
> CS in the Virtual Environment

If you have any questions, feel free to contact codehavenyale@gmail.com

To learn more about our event, check out these articles about TeachTech from past years:


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