Award 5
"Most innovative S.T.E.A.M program in the middle years"

The nominee shall demonstrate through research and/or anecdotal evidence how their STEM/STEAM program has a positive influence on young adolescent learners and how the program supports best practice in the middle years. Should we include that this could be a team approach, individual or even student led?

The STEM/STEAM program:
* has an innovative and creative pedagogical appeal
* demonstrates an understanding of quality teaching practices to engage young adolescent learners
* can be a single classroom or whole school program
* encourages engaged learning for both girls and boys
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Statement of Purpose (maximum 1000 words). Outline the program's structure and intent as well as relevant anecdotal and/or survey material regarding the effectiveness of your STEM/STEAM program. Where relevant, references should be made to your pedagogical processes and practices that are seen to enhance the development and growth of young adolescents through your program.
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