Passion Purpose Peace -  Stories of Trials and Tribulations Anthology
Calling for Contributing Authors...Passion Purpose Peace - The Pathway through Trials and Tribulations

I am excited to announce my first anthology Passion Purpose Peace - Stories of Trials and Tribulations. I am looking for authors that want to share their stories on how they overcame obstacles, lived in their purpose and found inner peace. My goal is to share your stories of hope, resilience, purpose, and peace, to inspire others to discover their divine assignment, which I believe is to help others by using your gift. Throughout life we all had  trials and tribulations. This anthology will share the pathway you used to find your gift, know your passion, and to live in your purpose. Creating Ambassadors of Peace Inc. is seeking contributing authors who will share diverse stories of women who have demonstrated that living in your purpose can lead to inner peace.

Your story will transform lives, leaving others inspired to find their purpose and have inner peace. Just imagine if everyone knew their assignment in life and lived each day with the commitment to helping others, what a different world it would be.
Did you have a challenge that you had to overcome? It could be work related, relationships, a traumatic experience in childhood, or an illness.
What did you do to overcome those obstacles? What brick walls did you knock down? Who helped you along the way?
Do you have a story that will inspire the lives of the readers to live in their purpose and have inner peace?
Then this opportunity is for you to join other women and men around the world and share how knowing our gift and passion, and living in your purpose is the pathway to inner peace.

If you are interested in being one of the  contributing authors of the book, Passion Purpose Peace - The Pathway through Trials and Tribulations,   complete this form, by Friday, June 14, 2022.

Thank you for your interest and looking forward to you joining me on this journey. Peace and Blessings

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