A Day with Herp-Wizards!
WISH Foundation is happy to announce a one-day seminar on November 16, 2019 with the herpetological experts across India in Kolkata.

A magical day to be swept away
by the spells of the Herp-Wizards!

Yes, mark November 16, 2019, on your calendar now! The day you get to meet some of the most eminent herpetologists from across India.

Their years of experience and next-level expertise in the field of herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians, can make you go tizzy!

Dr. Varad Giri has spent almost an era in the wild and with the museum specimens to describe new lizard species one after another, increasing the number of the species-count in India. He has stories to tell you through ‘The Amazing World of Lizards’.

Dr. Harikrishnan S has done extensive research in the islands of Andaman and Nicobar and has unearthed the hitherto unknown reptile community structure in the two biodiversity hotspots of the world. He will share his experience with you through ‘Islands and its Cold-bloods’.

Dr. Abhijit Das is a renowned herpetologist who knows the seven sisters of North-east in a serpentine way. ‘ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Snakes’ is his mantra and he has tales to tell through ‘The Serpentine Tale of North-East’.

Sandeep Das, a conservation herpetologist and a naturalist, is wellknown for his knowledge of the purple frog, a frog that reconnects India and Africa. The baritone croak has messages for you from underneath the soil. Get ready to hear it through ‘Mahabali Frog — the Story of the Underworld King’.

Be ready to be hypnotized by the amazing tales of the cold-bloods by the four herp-wizards on November 16. Block the date and spread the word. Start by registering yourself by paying the registration fee of Rs. 1200/- and filling up the Google form.
Registration Fee is Rs. 1000/- for aspiring students.

No refund will be made if a participant cancels but the reverse will happen if the organiser cancels.

Certificate of participation will be provided to the participants.

Details of payment is as follows -

Name: We Initiate Socio-ecological Harmony Foundation
Name of the bank: State bank of India
Branch: Babanpur
Account Number: 36970226541
IFSC Code; SBIN0015957

Google Pay @7278845985

A day with Herp-Wizards!
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