ETHOS Mastermind Application
You have been invited to apply for ETHOS, my most conscious community for women making big leaps in life.  

Thank you for your interest in working together to work on your personal and professional growth and contribution. 

The following questions are to help us both make sure this is a great fit and so that you get the most out of your clarity call. I would love to hear your most honest answers and thoughts as well as your interest in membership.

Like my group programs, this circle is for purpose driven mompreneur mavericks, executives in personal pivots or transition, emerging thought leaders, transformational leadership coaches, and six figure sale entrepreneurs that are focused on improving their own use of power to now make a bigger impact on their life and next chapter's vision. 

This community values the development of the whole person with a desire for peer led, high level masterminding opportunities. You value feedback. You value being in the room with other leaders and want someone to be a consultant that can switch seamlessly into coach when you hit a sticky moment.  You want to invest your valuable time and energy into keeping momentum and get direct support working on your own blocks or finding them in your team members. 

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Is this your business? If so, when was it started?  *
Up to what three things are you interested in doing this next year that have eluded you before? Have you been coached or trained on each goal specifically yet?  Be specific.  *
What do you see as the challenges you face thus far in achieving these goals? Feel free to write "I don't know"  *
What would you rate your general sense of feeling empowered in each area during at least 60% of each day?
0=powerless 5=in full authentic power 

(P) Physical integrity, (M) Mental Integrity, (S) Social Integrity, (E) Emotional Integrity, (SP) Spiritual Integrity 
What draws you to participate in ETHOS Coaching at this time?  *
How do you define success now and how has it changed over the past 5 year(s)?   *
What are your top 3 priorities for your growth and evolution as a leader?  *
If you identify as a woman, does it influence your top 3 priorities for your growth and evolution?   *
Ethos means the spirit and these transformational executive lifestyle and learning opportunities are designed to practice and coach the spirit of leadership and woman-ness from participants for growth and contribution across their life. How are you currently feeling about how you show up in your ethos of leadership?  Is being a woman working for or against you?  *
When you imagine achieving these 3 top goals you have, where else does that lead to for you ?  *
What do you see you will contribute as a member of this professional sorority and ecosystem?  *
How do you prefer to learn ?
Are you presently also dealing with any of the following that stress you ?
Any other thoughts or questions around this conversation  ?
Thank you so much! Please pick a convenient day and time at least 48 hours after submitting this form so that there is time to review your answers before we meet.  Please book here 
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