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This is the AsianFoodMap Business Discount Application Form. Please read the terms & conditions and fill up the following information. Thank you.

AsianFoodMap Business Discount Terms & Conditions
1.What is business discount?
Business Discount is a free benefit only at AsianFoodMap. Not G**b, E**t or other food ordering websites.
AsianFoodMap fights restaurants for this benefit for all hard working employees to save more money to buy a toy for kid or a rose for girlfriend.
You can get 10%-50% off or free item to your regular order all the time for free.

2.How does it work?
Apply for business discount / Receive coupons / Order online or dine in / Save money.

This discount only applies to participated restaurants. We fight for you, but cannot guarantee we can beat everyone restaurant owner. Sometimes we are beaten by them.
You must be verified as an employee of a company/organization or a student.
You can share it with your colleagues and family. Before you order, you may need to present a valid ID with this coupon.
Because this a free benefit offered by restaurants, so the policy may be changed without notification.

More information please visit or email to

All your information are confidential and not shared with 3rd party.
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