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• Use a non-free e-mail address (institutional or employer's) when submitting this form if possible (otherwise you will need to supply evidence of your identity).

• Applications must be in proficient English.

• Successful applicants will be assigned a public user page which is not indexed by well-behaved search engines.

An administrator will review your information and likely reply within 7 days (often much less). When your account is set up, you'll receive an e-mail to enable you to log in.

***Please note that CZ is currently undergoing a major technical upgrade that will delay new accounts.***
Your full, real name (to be your CZ username)
Please use your actual name for your account. If your full name is Joseph A. Q. Smith, you may register as Joseph Smith, Joe Smith or J.A.Q. Smith, whichever name you most commonly use, and which we can verify, but you may NOT register as e.g. just 'Joseph' or 'Smithy'. Your username can be modified once you are registered, but we very seldom do so, and prefer that you register correctly in the first place.
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Evidence of identity (REQUIRED)
• Using a non-free company or institutional e-mail address that includes your name is the easiest way to apply. (If this does not include your name, please submit further evidence such as a webpage that links the address to your name, under 'Other information' below.)

• An e-mail using an established private domain name may also be acceptable, especially if the domain is publicly registered to you. You must still submit further evidence, such as a webpage that links the address to your name, or state that your name appears in a public WHOIS record, under 'Other information' below; alternatively, you may treat it as a free e-mail address and follow the instructions in the next point below.

• If you use a free e-mail address (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo), you must include some other information that helps us to confirm who you are, such as a scan of an ID card, passport or driver's license, which we will destroy after processing (you may black-out information other than your name). If you intend to provide a scan, we will reply to request it as long as your application is otherwise in order. (You can also submit further evidence under 'Other information' below.)

• If you have some other way of confirming your identity (e.g. an existing member can vouch for you), let us know under 'Other information' below. (We may not accept your application via this route, so please provide as much information as you can.)
Please indicate how you will supply evidence of your real name and identity: *
Other information (e.g. further evidence of identity; optional)
This could include links to credible webpages listing your (free) e-mail address, names of persons that we can look up online to aid in confirming your identity, current members you know, etc. You can also enter any further explanatory information here.
Your information:
Your public biography (for your user page)
State your personal interests and education, preferably in a few hundred words, and not fewer than 50. Do not simply promote yourself, but instead set out experiences, qualifications or training that are relevant to building a knowledge resource.

• If you are under 18, do not include any personal identifying information about yourself, such as your age, where you live, or what school you attend, but you should still give some general information about your interests and education level.
Biography: *
Topic areas of interest (optional)
Select up to three topic areas in which you are likely to do significant work (you don't have to check anything here; you can also add more to your wiki user page later).
You must be able to check all three statements below to apply. For (1), see:
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