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SCORING: Use the appropriate rubrics to self-assess.
Don’t just put down random numbers—Use the rubrics that are hanging in the Kingdom and posted at http://diddorol.weebly.com/the-six-traits-of-writing.html to find the closest matching description of your work!
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First, check your draft to see that you included your NAME and REALM (block) at the beginning as well as the WORKING TITLE.
Second, if you have any cards or other WARES in your Libram that will help improve the total XP earned, make sure they are displayed correctly and type "SEE LIBRAM" next to your name in the document; then pass your Libram in to the RC of H & N.
Next, SHARE the document with LGraykin@sau74.org, writing in the comment box "ADVENTURE - PLEASE ASSESS".
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