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The Evolution of Passive Income: Legion Ventures

2021 saw the birth of Legion Ventures, a community-driven, early-stage, crypto venture fund. In less than 10 months the team, enabled by the power of our community, has invested more than $6.5mil into 90+ early-stage blockchain startups offering our investors an average ROI/project of 1200%. There have, of course, been brighter gems out there with some projects yielding over 500x (looking at you, Bloktopia).

Our goal was simple; to provide access to private funding rounds and enable our community of crypto-natives to access the best investment opportunities possible.

To that, we’ve achieved our goal. The past year has been a testament to the dedication of our community and, of course, to the talent of the Legion Ventures team.

The next chapter of the Legion Ventures journey is focusing on creating more earning opportunities for our community.


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