502 Dragon Boat Community, Inc. Board Member Commitment Form

I will:
Attend at least 75% of all Board meetings by phone, video link, or in person
Review the agenda and supporting materials prior to Board and committee meetings.
Serve on committees and take on special assignments as needed.
Personally contribute time, effort and, as personal circumstances admit, monetary donations to 502 DRAGONS
Assist in raising funds, as agreed upon annually by the Board.
Remain informed about 502 DRAGON BOAT COMMUNITY, INC. mission, services, and policies and promote 502 DRAGON BOAT COMMUNITY, INC., as agreed annually by the Board.
Provide support and advice to the staff but avoid interfering in management activities.
Suggest nominees and participate in board recruitment.

I will act in concert with the following principles:
As a board member I understand that I have duties of care and loyalty to the organization.
The duty of care is the duty to pay attention to the organization—to monitor its activities, see that its mission is being accomplished, and guard its financial resources.
The duty of loyalty is the duty to avoid conflicts of interest, and
The duty of obedience is to carry out the purposes of the organization and to comply with the law.

I commit that I will uphold these duties and that I shall do my utmost to ensure that the organization performs its mission and achieves its goals. As a board member I agree to:
Act with honesty and integrity
Support in a positive manner all actions taken by the board of directors even when I am in a minority position on such actions. I recognize that decisions of the board can be made only by a majority vote at a board meeting and respect the majority decisions of the board, while retaining the right to seek changes through ethical and constructive channels;
Participate in (1) any annual strategic planning  retreat,  (2)  board self-evaluation programs, and  (3) board development workshops, seminars, and other educational events that enhance my skills as a board member that are offered by 502 DRAGON BOAT COMMUNITY, INC. No personal outlay of funds will be required to participate in these opportunities.
Keep confidential information confidential.
Exercise my authority as a board member only when acting in a meeting with the full board or as I am delegated by the board.
Work with and respect the opinions of my peers who serve this board, and leave my personal prejudices out of all board discussions.
Always act for the good of the organization and represent the interests of all people served by the organization.
Represent this organization in a positive and supportive manner at all times.

Observe the parliamentary procedures and display courteous conduct in all board and committee meetings.
Refrain from intruding on administrative issues that are the responsibility of management, except to monitor the results of the organization.
Accept my responsibility for providing oversight of the financial condition of the organization.
Avoid acting in a way that represents a conflict of interest between my position as a board member and my personal or professional life, even if those actions appear to provide a benefit for the organization. This includes using my position for the advantage of my friends and business associates. If such a conflict does arise, I will declare that conflict before the board and refrain from voting on matters in which I have conflict.
Abide by these board operating procedures.

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If you are interested in a particular aspect of Board service (finance, marketing, fundraising, membership, care of the boat, coaching/steering, volunteer recruitment, etc.), please use this area to share your service interests with us! Thank you!
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