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🙋 Hallo! We'd like to know more about you
Thanks for your interest in working with us.

We'd like to ask you some questions so we can better arrange for next steps.

To give you a bit more insight on how things will go from here:

1) Your answers will be shared with our team for a first review
2) If all goes well, one of us will contact you to arrange for a first videoconf interview (around 30 mins)
3) If that also goes well, that person will help arrange 2-3 followup videoconf interviews with the appropriate team members (around 1 hour each)
As part of the videoconfs, we may ask you to do a small task on your own. It should take you 3-5 hours and you can do at your own pace. It will be commented during the next call
4) And finally we'll hold a last videoconf to plan on next steps (around 30 mins)

Usually the whole process takes 1-2 weeks, depending on availability, so hope we can be fast with you.

Thanks again and hope we can talk soon!

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