Student Feedback on Curriculum
This questionnaire is intended to collect information regarding various aspects of the curriculum. The information provided by you will be used as an important feedback for improvement of the curriculum.
Please answer the following questions on the scale of 1 to 5 where 1 indicates little satisfaction and 5 indicates higher satisfaction.
Program *
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The Syllabi of the courses that you have studied synchronizes with the competencies expected out of the course.
The units/sections in the syllabus are properly sequenced.
The curricula has good balance between theory and practical.
Course content is covered by corresponding reference books/materials.
The syllabi generated interest in the subject area.
The course content of the subjects increased your knowledge and perspective.
Curricula equipped you with necessary technical skills required by the industry.
The electives offered are in consonance with the technological advancements.
The practical courses give you an effective hands-on experience.
The laboratory experiments enhanced your understanding of the concepts and enabled you to relate theory to practice.
Any other suggestions to improve the curriculum:
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