Young Reporters for the Environment 2019 Writing Competition
You are joining students from around the world who are making a difference through the investigation and solutions-based reporting of environmental issues. You are a Young Reporter for the Environment!
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INDIVIDUAL ENTRY - AGE CATEGORY ON SUBMISSION DAY (Any student under the age of 13, must submit a parental/legal guardian consent form before submitting an entry.)
GROUP ENTRY - AGE CATEGORY ON SUBMISSION DAY (Any student in the group under the age of 13, must submit a parental/legal guardian consent form before submitting the entry.) Please list first name and age of each group member, for example, Trey-14, Aaron-13, Leah-13, Camilla-14.
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To which Eco-Schools USA pathway does the submission connect? Check the pathway that's most applicable. *
To which Sustainable Development Goal(s) does the submission connect? Check the one goal that's most applicable. *
Explain how the submission addresses the link between your topic and your chosen Sustainable Development Goal. *
Is the entry focused on real and current issues? *
Does the submission concentrate on a possible solution(s) or present an existing solution through expert(s) opinion, rather than only on the problem? *
Does the submission meet the 1,000 word maximum? *
If photos are included, does the submission meet the following criteria, 1) maximum of 3 images, including infographics/charts/graphs 2) captions per image are a maximum of 20 words. *
Is attribution given to all non-original illustrations, images and/or infographics? *
Evidence must be provided demonstrating the submission has been disseminated to multiple sources (at least 3), e.g. via social media, school website, district website, local newspaper, etc. PROVIDE LINKS BELOW. If you have screen shots, you will need to send them in one file to with your name and entry title in the subject line. IF DISSEMINATION IS MISSING THE ENTRY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. *
The international and national competitions' age categories are not the same because the United States does not currently have the competition open to students who are 20 and 21. Please note if you/your group win at the national level the entry may fall into a new age category for the international competition. International competition age categories are 11-14, 15-18 and 19-21.
Submit the parental/guardian consent form, if applicable, and then submit the entry. Please make sure the entry's file name includes last name of journalist(s) and the media type, writing, photo, or video
Thank you for submitting your entry for the 2019 Young Reporters for the Environment competition. We will announce U.S. winners on April 24, 2019.
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