TWHBEA 2023 Horse Show Affiliation Application
There is no cost to affiliate your show with TWHBEA! Affiliation applications are due no later than 30 days prior to the show. Results must be submitted within 14 days after the show. See complete terms below. For more information email or call 931-359-1574. If you affiliate your show before February 17, 2023, it will be included in the Industry Resource Directory!
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World Series Program - DOUBLE POINTS!!
All affiliated shows are considered single point shows for our International High Point competition. In an effort to promote the versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse, for no additional charge, your show can be a double point show by having at least three (3) halter/versatility classes and (3) pleasure rail classes.

Versatility/Halter classes can include Model, Weanling, Yearling, Showmanship, Go As You Please, Field Trial, Water Glass, Egg & Spoon, Trail Obstacle, Barrels, Poles, Dressage, Hunter Hack, Over Fences, Stake Race, Ride A Buck, Obstacle Driving, Western Riding, Basic Reining.

Pleasure rail classes can include All Day Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Trail Pleasure, Lite Shod, Park Pleasure, Plantation Pleasure, Classic Park Pleasure, Equitation.
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Youth Medallion (Canter) Classes
TWHBEA will provide a medallion, first through fifth place ribbons, and prize money for (up to) the top five placings to any horse show that includes either or both Youth Medallion classes in their slate of classes.

> Open to all youth riders, age 17 and under (as of January 1)
> Stallions are not allowed. The youth rider is not required to own the horse.
> Two Medallion classes may be offered per show - Youth Medallion Performance and/or Youth Medallion Pleasure. In both classes, horses should perform all three gaits - flat walk, running walk, and canter. Show managers may choose to offer one or both of these classes.
> Horses entered in either of these classes should not be charged an entry fee.
> Horses entered in these classes can be charged an inspection fee. SHOW-HIO offers a $5 inspection fee for Youth Medallion entries.
> Premiums for both Youth Medallion classes will be: (1st) $75, (2nd) $50, (3rd) $40, (4th) $30, (5th) $20. The prize money will be paid by the show and then reimbursed by TWHBEA. Reimbursement checks will be made payable to the show and mailed to the show manager's address furnished above.
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TWHBEA agrees to:
> Count points from show in International High Point Program.
> Promote show on the TWHBEA website, social media pages, and e-blasts.
> List the show on the TWHBEA calendar.
> Include show results as part of the official show record in our registration database.

Show agrees to:
> Include the "TWHBEA Affiliated Show" logo on the class sheet, printed programs and in pre-show advertising.
> Send a copy of the class sheet to TWHBEA prior to the show.
> Submit full results within 14 days after the show. Results must list all horses showing in the class (not just ribbon winners) and include the horse's name, rider's name, and owner's name/address.
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