Volunteer for Food Relief
Organized by Cattail Cooks!

We are a collective of chefs, artists, teachers, and growers. Since March, we have been organizing food relief aid in response to COVID-19. We currently support over 130 families with groceries delivered to their homes. Nearly all donations go towards buying local produce from farmers affected by COVID. The rest are used to supplement the boxes with dried goods (rice, beans, pasta, etc...).

Thank you for signing up to volunteer! This is a community-run, grassroots group that is run solely by volunteers. We are excited to have you as a part of our team!

Right now we are seeking volunteers for the following tasks (and also assume you have consistent access to a car in order to volunteer):

Saturday Deliveries: I can commit to delivering food to families every Saturday afternoon.

Delivery preparation: I can prep and pack deliveries on Saturday afternoons. Sign up for time slots on our Volunteer Sign-up Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-7ePwuy4xWd4MQwDYf1fNNajj0uV04RFyYRtsLH1axg/edit#gid=0

Restaurant Depot: We need people who have RD cards to go to Restaurant Depot for us every week. If you can only commit to one or two runs that is okay too!

Costco: We need people who have Costco cards to go to Costco for us every week. If you can only commit to one or two runs that is okay too!

Boxes: All of our food goes into donated boxes that we get from different sources (grocery stores, for example). We need people to occasionally make runs to pick up these boxes and deliver them to our packing station!

Other: I am down to be on a list for random pick-ups and deliveries.

Thank you and stay in isolation!
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