"Weather the Weather" submission form
This is the submission form for "Weather the Weather," a group exhibition by SciArt Center to be on view at the New York Hall of Science from September 10th, 2019 - January 10th, 2020. Please pay your submission fee prior to or immediately after filling out this form:
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Artist/art work statement as it relates to "Weather the Weather." This may refer to individual works (as bullet points, label accordingly), or may refer to the body of work you are submitting. Response limited to 500 words total. *
Art Works (submit up to 5 distinct art works, multiple images/files per piece allowed). Each file MUST BE LABELED "First name_Last Name_Piece title." There is a 10 file maximum per artist. *
Image/file list formatted a such: "Title of work, year made, medium, dimensions" for each file submitted. *
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