2019 Reflecting on Practice Application
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About Reflecting on Practice
Reflecting on Practice is a professional learning program that immerses novice and experienced informal educators in discussions about, reflections on, and applications of research and theory in learning and teaching. The ideas and tasks create and strengthen a shared knowledge base and professional language among educators within an institution. Educators gain a greater understanding of, and reflections on, their own beliefs, goals, and actions, as well as the educatrors they work with. There are three primary goals for the program:

1. Build shared language and understanding through delving into the literature on learning and teaching;
2. Engage in habits of reflections through observing their own teaching, as a means to develop their practice;
3. Nurture a tradition of continued professional learning to build a professional learning community within an institution.
About the Coaching Workshop
The Coaching Workshop is designed for managers, coordinators or department leaders who want to implement Reflecting on Practice for educators (staff or volunteers) at their own institution. It is highly recommended that two or more leaders from an institution participate in the workshop. During the workshop participants will have:

✦ Opportunities to experience the sessions and activities in the program;
✦ A complete curriculum guide,implementation models and some supporting materials;
✦ Connections with other informal (science)educators who plan to implement RoP;
✦ Help customizing the implementation models for their institution and needs;
✦ Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks each day; and
✦ Ongoing assistance to ensure successful implementation of the program and continued connection with RoP peers.
About implementation
Participants in the Coaching Workshop can use the modular Reflecting on Practice curriculum materials to implement the program with colleagues at their institutions. In the modular-based program, participants engage in up to 16 interactive sessions and numerous reflective tasks to explore the six foundational knowledge components of informal educators’ practice. One essential component is the observation of practice through the videotaping of and later reflection on an educator’s teaching. During these tasks, educators will watch, think and talk about their practice with colleagues in a safe and constructive manner.

Each Coaching Workshop participant will be asked to bring a video of their teaching or engaging an audience. More information about this will be shared with participants prior to workshop.
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